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Welcome to Monster Pub!
Why not pull up a chair, play a hand of cards, and make a friend?

Monster Pub is an episodic narrative game about finding new friends in a new town, but, uh, also everyone is a monster, including you! Be a good friend, or a bad friend! Play cards and crush your opponent! Or maybe just try to have a nice time, I'm not your boss.

This is the third chapter! If you want the whole story, start at the beginning!

Chapter One (Free to Try!): https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-1

Chapter Two: https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-2

Questions + Answers

- Chapter Three? What?? Explain!
Monster Pub is released in episodes! Each game takes approximately one hour to play and you can move your results from chapter to chapter. Why not start with chapter one? It's free to try!

- Will there be more chapters?
Currently we have only made plans for 3 chapters, whether we make any more depends on you, dear reader!

- Will this work on macOS Catalina?
Buddy I have NO idea, sorry!! I would STRONGLY advise Mac users to PLEASE try the demo to determine if the game will work on their computer before paying for the full game.

Additional Links

- Hub website: http://www.monster-pub.com

- Soundtrack: https://isoplod.bandcamp.com/album/thats-jazz-baby-monster-pub-vol-1

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
Authoralex ilitchev
GenreRole Playing, Card Game
TagsCasual, Monsters, Pixel Art


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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i really love the character designs here! i think pfeffer was my favourite, she's such a muppet and i'm so glad to see her happy. i'm also in love with keeper, it is so adorable that i can put my little hand on his giant claw oh my god i hope i get to play cards with him again i'm going to pat his hand forever

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Duuuuuude! Amazing game. Everything's been said already, but I wanna point out how amazing was the characterization you did through the cards. Blew me away! How baobao has a 'sandwich' because he feels like an outcast among other people, clot has all different suit matches because she always goes against everyone else, how her cards are dirty, argon has her card scratched out because she feels she doesn't deserve to see herself as a hero, how she has both similar and different matches, torn between wanting to relieve the past and also leave it behind. Now *that's* how you do characterization. Anyone else would've slapped a regular poker deck and called it a day. 10/10

Looking forward to your next games (specially if we get to find out if B.R. saved glowbug!).


Genuinely thank you so much for enjoying the game and noticing these little details that I worked so hard to include. It's been 5 years and I think you're one of the first people to call all this stuff out. But it's really validating to know even one person noticed everything and got the intent behind it!!!

Seriously never stop making games, we need more people like you in the industry.


*some mild game spoilers* I got these from the bundle for racial justice and equality, and they were definitely a few of my favorites I got from it. First of all, the character design for our monster was perfect, I don't think I would have designed them any other way given the option. And the dialogue options for them were so fun and really felt genuine, they almost always had a response that matched with what I might have said myself. I also loved all the monsters we got to befriend at the pub, they were all so unique and the relationship we had with each one developed so interestingly throughout the story. And their games were so fun, I loved playing cards with all of them! Samson was the hardest for me lol, but I eventually got a good game with it. Also, I just have to say thank you, the option to say we didn't like any kind of monster romantically really caught me off guard in the best way, that's not generally something that I see in games like this. As an aromantic person it really made me feel more connected to the character I was playing and something about hearing them say they didn't look at other monsters that way got me kind of emotional, like I was actually being thought of when the game was being made pff,,, anyway, I really enjoyed this game and I will likely be playing them through again soon! 

I will say however the name is a bit unfortunate... When attempting to look it up and find out more about it and see if anyone else was talking about this adorable game I found out there is an... adult product that goes by the same name and is what comes up if you just search for the name alone.. I really want to draw some fanart for the game but I am worried people will google the name by itself and come upon something else rather different😅


I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! And yes, my SEO has unfortunately been wrecked by a certain adult product. (Apparently doesn't even have good reviews smdh...) Not much I can do about that unfortunately, they popped up soon after I launched the first episode of Monster Pub when it was pretty much too late to rename.

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Played through all 3 chapters, and I must say, this series is definitely among my favorites! I love how each of the characters have diverse personalities and you have the chance to befriend them. The way you meet and get to know the monsters really makes me feel like I've developed an actual friendship with them, even though I may slip up sometimes and accidentally say the wrong thing. But hey, nobody's perfect after all! The card game aspect of these chapters taught me a thing or two about cards in general. Never knew the numbers/letters were called ranks! Also, I got good at Sandwiches and Samson rather quickly, so I guess if I get challenged to a game of that in the future and I do well, I have you guys to thank for that! All in all, thank you so, very much for making such a cute and wonderful series and I wish you the best in future projects. :)


Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed the game!!!


The plot thickens! All of these characters are really lovely - a really cozy third chapter.