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Welcome to Monster Pub!
Why not pull up a chair, play a hand of cards, and make a friend?

Monster Pub is an episodic narrative game about finding new friends in a new town, but, uh, also everyone is a monster, including you! Be a good friend, or a bad friend! Play cards and crush your opponent! Or maybe just try to have a nice time, I'm not your boss.

This is the second chapter! If you want the whole story, start at the beginning!

Chapter One (Free to Try!): https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-1

Chapter Three: https://isoplod.itch.io/monster-pub-chapter-3

Questions + Answers

- Chapter Two? What?? Explain!
Monster Pub is released in episodes! Each game takes approximately one hour to play and you can move your results from chapter to chapter. Why not start with chapter one? It's free to try!

- How many chapters will there be?
Currently we have plans for 3 chapters, whether we make any more depends on you, dear reader!

- Will this work on macOS Catalina?
Buddy I have NO idea, sorry!! I would STRONGLY advise Mac users to PLEASE try the demo to determine if the game will work on their computer before paying for the full game.

Additional Links

- Hub website: http://www.monster-pub.com

- Soundtrack: https://isoplod.bandcamp.com/album/thats-jazz-baby-monster-pub-vol-1

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
Authoralex ilitchev
GenreRole Playing, Card Game
TagsCasual, Monsters, Pixel Art


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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hi! not the most technologically literate, but i loved the first chapter! is there a way to port over your friendship scores from the first chapter into chapter 2? thanks!

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far! At the end of the paid version of Chapter 1 you should get an option to export your progress. (Export isn't available in the demo) You can then import that file when you boot up Chapter 2!


ah okay i see the option now! thank you! such a cute lovely game and the cards mechanic is so much fun :) excited to keep playing the other chapters!

i got this game recently from the racial justice bundle and whenever I go to play a game of cards, the hand gets all crazily wonky and I can't click anything. Is there a fix for this?


Sorry I haven't encountered this particular bug. Are you playing windowed or full screen? Maybe changing to a different screen size would help, otherwise I'm out of ideas, sorry!


That's alright! I figured out how to fix it. While I've got you-- this game is for real, fantastically beautiful. there aren't enough games that are exactly my speed like this, just hanging out with adorable monsters and playing cards! The texture of everything, the characters, the gameplay, is just *chefs kiss* excellent job with this one!! I look forward to seeing what you have to make in the future!!

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murple had, like, three lines but i fell in love with them instantly lmao,, i really like baobabo's deck of cards ! also the main menu is really pretty :') (i finally played a good round of samson and got some hearts for my friendship with br keeper and i'm pretty proud of that ngl) sorry i'm just commenting a bunch of things at once i just really like this game and all the characters <33 !

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Oh nooo , anyone find a  fix for this error?  Would love to finish playing with my previous save from chapter 1 , though  i already tried starting over and still no luck . 

Sorry, this seems like a problem exclusive to the mac version which I don’t have the licenses to support anymore! Is it the result of a particular dialogue choice or does it happen right when you start the conversation?

Okay so I just found out chapter 2 is already on the bundle. Time to play it! :D


here i am commenting on the second chapter only two hours later after commenting on the first one, maybe i should've played this sometime i wasnt as tired as i am now bc i cant remember much (besides loving bao's oc and the bit of backstory for characters [and also the "it all depends on perspective ;)" line from the beetle, winky face indeed]) spend the same amount of time as the last one, and really excited to play the third later!!


Hi! First let me say I love this so much I picked this series at random and it's everything I need right now! 

There is a problem with an error when trying to speak to the green hand character (forgive me for forgetting name) and the game crashes! I talked to her last after all other dialogue options and I'm on Mac if that helps! 


Unfortunately I don't have the ability to try to fix this in the code anymore (I've moved from mac to PC and all my mac dev licenses expired...) BUT maybe it's just a particular dialogue branch that is broken. I assume you imported your save from Chapter 1, can you instead try starting a brand new game in Chapter 2? If that doesn't work then I might try reinstalling the game... but that's about all my ideas, sorry!!

No worries! I don't mind playing again, it's a wonderful, thoughtful, and funny game! <3

Aaaa thank you I’m so glad you like it!!